Transboundary Environmental Commons in Southeast Asia

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What's New:

The Business Times Op-Ed
Helena Varkkey, Michelle Miller, Alberto Salvo: Are we willing to pay for ecosystem services provided by others?

Bangkok Tribune Op-Ed
Diana Suhardiman, Kanokwan Manorom, Jonathan Rigg: How Local Movements Can Enhance Inclusive Decision-Making in Mekong Hydropower: Insights from The Pak Beng Dam in Laos

Sustainable Development article:  Michelle A. Miller, Prayoto Tonoto, David Taylor: Sustainable development of carbon sinks? Lessons from three types of peatland partnerships in Indonesia.

Ecology and Society article:  Michelle A. Miller, Alfajri, Rini Astuti, Carl Grundy-Warr, Carl Middleton, Zu Dienle Tan, David Taylor. Hydrosocial rupture: Causes and consequences for transboundary governance.
Geoforum article: Rini Astuti: Governing the ungovernable: The politics of disciplining pulpwood and palm oil plantations in Indonesia’s tropical peatland

Science of the Total Environment article: Zu Dienle Tan, Massimo Lupascu, Lahiru Wijedasa
Paludiculture as a sustainable land use alternative for tropical peatlands: A review.

Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies article: Diana Suhardiman, Jonathan Rigg, Marcel Bandur, Melissa Marschke, Michelle A. Miller, Noudsavanh Pheuangsavanh, Mayvong Sayatham, David Taylor. On the coattails of globalization: migration, migrants and COVID-19 in Asia.

Transactions of the Institute of British Geographers article: Michelle A. Miller. Market-based commons: Social agroforestry, fire mitigation strategies and green supply chains in Indonesia's peatlands.

Stakeholder Workshop on Transboundary Environmental Commons of Southeast Asia: A Collaborative Approach to Policy Brief Development

Forthcoming, 10 December 2021



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